the new creation

N.A.S.C creates a new live stage with many top artists.
We continue to create live entertainment that surprises the world-wide audiences.

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About us

We promise to send an irresistible
live entertainment to the world here from Japan.

The world of live entertainment has always been led by foreign countries, especially American and European artists.
Both stunning productions and performances that attract the audience, the only stages that remain in history are
those from overseas productions.

However, Japan also has excellent know-how and technology accumulated in directing and stage creating.
In the business of over 20 years, we think, "Someday, we send a fantastic stage that surprises the world from Japan"
The music business is changing. Did you know the fact that the number of artists is actually increasing as CDs
become unsold and distribution becomes mainstream?

On the other hand, in the 2020's Japan, medium-sized concert venues are increasing as international big events.
Increasing Artists and venues, what is overwhelmingly insufficient for creating live stages? The answer is the know-
how and technology for directing and creating the stage, connecting artists and venues are required right now.
The era when Japanese artists are going abroad more and more. And the time when overseas artists visit Japan to
get unique culture.

Under the philosophy of "Be a trusted person, Be a creator!"

We create a new live entertainment that the world looks at with surprise.

N.A.S.C's Strengths
  • 1

    Experienced a lot of the largest venues in Japan with top artists.

    We have managed a stage for many top artists and has experienced many of the largest venues in Japan, including Stadium tours and the National Stadium.

  • 2

    Staff work for various artists.

    We have a strong network with professionals involved in concerts, such as sound, art, lighting, illumination and can always select the most appropriate staff team.

  • 3

    A wide range of services from directing and composing to budget management.

    Experienced members will handle not only the stage management and building, but also directing and composing, as well as budget management for the entire project.

Stage Direction

To have a meeting with artists and their offices, we share the image of the stage they want to make.

We will solidify the direction and specific methods of production, verify through studio rehearsals and stage rehearsal, and lead to the success of the stage.

For live concerts, set plans, set lists, directing involving videos, sub-stages, etc. Based on experienced and rich know-how as a director who has created many stages, we think and propose with artists.

Stage Management

Organize professional staff and embody the production plan.

We will consider from a technical point of view whether we can meet the demands of artists, and directors, and consider specific equipment, mechanisms and methods.

Based on the production plan, we brought together a professional staff such as sound, art, lighting, illumination, and photography, and we embodied the ideas. We may make proposals for selecting a production plan as necessary, while realistically judging various conditions such as equipment, budget, venue, time and so on.

During the show, we attend for the artists and coordinating between the professional staff, and responds to unforeseen events such as accidents or bad weather.

Production Management

Supervising from budget management to directing and stage creation.

Based on the artist's activity policy and strategy, we will be entrusted with overall budget management such as one-off live concerts, events, tours, etc. We will supervise everything from directing to stage making.

In addition to cooperating with specialized members such as directors and stage managers, it is also possible to assign specialists from other companies or different business to proceed with the project.

Business Process

business process business process
Company Information


N.A.S.C Inc.

CEO: Yuji Watanabe

3-13-10 Parkside Sepia 4F
Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL: (+81)3-5413-5133

FAX: (+81)3-6413-5134

FOUNDING AT: 2/1/2010

CAPITAL STOCK: ¥5,000,000

Production of concerts, show events, etc.
Stage Management and Supervision of concerts,
show events, etc. Production Management

Number of employees: 11

Outsourcing crew (Inc. freelance stage crew): 45


LIVE EXSAM Inc. KYODO TOKYO Inc. Young Communication Co.,ltd. HANDS ON ENTERTAINMENT INC. Fuji Television Network, Inc. PROMAX Inc. interblend Inc. And more (Unordered)


In February 2010, N.A.S.C Inc. was
The company is organized to
conduct concert
musicals and commercial

More than 100 concerts are held
every year at
stadiums with more than
50,000 audience, from
stages of hundreds
of audiences.

In addition to the famous
tour of musicians in
Asia, we have received
order from musicians such
as Korea, It has
expanded its activities to South
Taiwan, Shanghai and Thailand.


LIVE EXSAM Inc. KYODO TOKYO Inc. Young Communication Co.,ltd. HANDS ON ENTERTAINMENT INC. Fuji Television Network, Inc. PROMAX Inc. interblend Inc. And more (Unordered)

Artist in charge so far

Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, KAT-TUN

Hey!Say!JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, Masahiko Kondoh

Tsuyoshi Doumoto, Tomohisa Yamashita

Yuma Nakayama, A.B.C-Z, Johnny’s WEST

King&Prince, Snow Man, SixTONES

NOGIZAKA 46, AKB 48 and the other 48 family

IZ*ONE, 9nine

Sakura Gakuin

Cho-Shinsei (Super Nova), BTS, BLOCK-B

miwa, sumika, SUPER BEAVER

And more (unordered)


3-13-10 Parkside Sepia 4F,
Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
8min from Hiro-o Station, Hibiya Line


Please contact us for live concerts and
various inquiries for N.A.S.C from the
form below.